In response to hearing what I do, people often say “wow, you must be really smart,” or “jeez, that sounds hard, there’s no way I could do that.” This has always irritated me a bit because I genuinely believe that people underestimate what they can understand, or sometimes they are simply ignorant. As such, I would love to try to demystify my field. These articles are for anyone who is interested in how something web-related works, in learning some of how to code.

  • Develop and Deploy Full Stack React App
    Develop and Deploy a Full Stack React App

    October 8, 2018 — Code, Tutorials

    In the world of JavaScript frameworks, it’s no secret that component-based libraries are taking up much of the spotlight these days. And with its intuitive way of composing web page elements with a markup language, a network of extensive […]

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  • Web Traffic
    The Web: How Does It Work?

    July 21, 2018 — Code, Guides

    Most of us use it nearly everyday, and for some generations, it has been around as long as they can remember. The World Wide Web–a modern marvel. It’s a seemingly infinite source of information, home to so many […]

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