Welcome. Completing my website was something that I deflected to the back burner for some time–it’s a surprisingly weird thing to make a site about yourself. However, rather than just acting as an auxiliary page to my resume or LinkedIn profile, I finished building the site with the intention of making it a new avenue for creating and sharing meaningful works.

Alongside sharing a bit about myself and my software/web projects, I intend on writing ramblings, guides, and tutorials related to programming and writing code, with a focus on web development. I am also renewing my love for writing through my thoughts blog. I am most interested in topics revolving around minimalism, wellness, and life, with the occasional interesting tangent.

My reasons for this endeavor are two-fold. I have wanted to get back into writing for ages, and as I continue to learn and grow, I want to share my approaches and experiences with the challenges I encounter–technical and otherwise. If I can produce something of value that can be gained by someone else, nothing would make me happier.

So, stay awhile, and I hope you find something that speaks to you. If you want to be notified when I post a new article, subscribe to my mailing list. Spam-free is my guarantee. Thank you.