(Inspired by Derek Sivers’ concept of a now page.)


I am reading an autobiographical work from the renowned Canadian astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield, titled “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth“. I’ve only just begun, but his story and journey towards achieving his dream seems very thoughtful and inspiring. I also just recently finished “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. This self-help book was first published back in 1936, but the simple tips and approaches to human interaction are timeless and effective. I would highly recommend this read—especially if you’d like to learn how to achieve more positive results when dealing with people in all walks of life.



I’ve been living in Ottawa for the last six months. I’m looking forward to visiting friends and family back in Windsor for the upcoming holidays, but I’m also excited about the new year quickly approaching. I’ve been thinking lately about how 2017 was a year of things falling apart and how 2018 has been a year of making changes and getting back on my feet. As for 2019, I plan on continuing to set and achieve my goals, and not let anything hold me back.


You may have noticed I updated the look and feel of my website. I wanted to simplify and personalize the UI to a greater extent, and also fix some of the irritating layout elements in terms of sizing and position (probably things only I would notice). I’ve also started working on a personal toolkit for collecting and analyzing data, but more on that soon. My most recent YouTube series is a five-part live coding tutorial designed for anyone from beginners to experienced developers. It focuses on building a full stack web application using React. In more creative endeavours, I’d like to do more writing and painting in the near future.


I’m set to complete my first rotation as a CS-01 at Statistics Canada in June of next year. I’ve learned a lot about business intelligence and data warehousing through working with Microsoft SQL Server on a fairly high-profile project. It’s been interesting getting outside of my comfort zone in terms of development, and I’ve been lucky to be collaborate with such a great team.

Health & Wellness

I’m using public transit, which not only allows me to save money and walk more, but gives me time to think and listen to podcasts as I make my commute. I’m going to the gym to do some weight training and cardio at least three times per week. I’m also booking a float tank session about once a month, which works wonders by reducing tension in my neck and shoulders and relieving my mind of stress and anxiety. I would highly recommend trying this if you enjoy massages or mindful practices.

Updated December 16, 2018.