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What is this website?

Hey, I’m Bryce. I’m a software developer in Windsor, ON. My education and career originate in computer science, but when I’m not writing code, I’m writing posts about topics that interest me in the personal development space. I’m an avid learner, and this site documents some of my journey.

console.log('Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it. —Epictetus');

Latest Essay

Rust’s Reminder

This morning, I “returned to the mat,” as they say. It must be a little over a year since I’ve practiced any yoga at all. I’ve thought about restarting my practice since the pandemic began, but someone very special to me prompted me to finally take the leap. Let’s just say, I’m definitely feeling it. […]


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Develop and Deploy a Full Stack React App

In the world of JavaScript frameworks, it’s no secret that component-based libraries are taking up much of the spotlight these days. And with its intuitive way of composing web page elements with a markup language, a network of extensive support and documentation, and a vast community of developers at its helm, its no surprise React is […]

Develop and Deploy Full Stack React App