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  • Rust’s Reminder

    By Bryce St. Pierre — June 24, 2020 — Essays, Wellness
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    This morning, I “returned to the mat,” as they say. It must be a little over a year since I’ve practiced any yoga at all. I’ve thought about restarting my practice since the pandemic began, but someone very special to me prompted me to finally take the leap. Let’s just say, I’m definitely feeling it. […]

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  • Noise
    Turn Down the Noise

    By Bryce St. Pierre — July 30, 2018 — Essays, Wellness
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    Bzzz. Your phone vibrates. Naturally, you pick it up. It’s a notification that x mentioned you on y social media platform. Since the phone’s already in your hand and you have to leave for z soon anyway, you open the app. You indulge a bit. The scrolling text and images light up your brain. Words […]

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