May 12, 2020 11:17 am

Develop and Deploy a Full Stack React App

By Bryce St. Pierre

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Develop and Deploy Full Stack React App

In the world of JavaScript frameworks, it’s no secret that component-based libraries are taking up much of the spotlight these days. And with its intuitive way of composing web page elements with a markup language, a network of extensive support and documentation, and a vast community of developers at its helm, its no surprise React is one of the front-runners. As simple as it sounds, as it was the first one I heard about, it is the first I have chosen to pursue.

I’m not going to pretend I am a connoisseur–from core concepts to best practices, I am really still learning React myself. I have amassed a lot of tiny bits of information that have helped me understand how to create a full stack application, and even host it on a popular platform so it can be available to the public. As such, this is a guide I have but together that will allow you to get started, regardless of your experience level with modern JavaScript web development, and begin creating flexible and powerful apps more easily than you’d expect.

In order for this tutorial to make most sense to you, I would have to insist you have at least some basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and how they come together to form an interactive web page. I try to explain the elements of building an app with high-level concepts that can be understood by anyone, but you might find yourself a bit lost in the code if you haven’t learned a bit about the basics. For a quick rundown, you could watch this helpful video.

In this full stack React app tutorial for beginners, you will learn to build a simple weather application using React, Express, PostgreSQL, Node.js, and deploy the final app to the Heroku cloud platform. If you enjoy the tutorial, please subscribe and recommend the tutorial to a friend that may want to learn. 🙂


  1. Full Stack React App Tutorial (Beginners) | Part #1 – Introduction
  2. Full Stack React App Tutorial (Beginners) | Part #2 – Back End
  3. Full Stack React App Tutorial (Beginners) | Part #3 – Front End
  4. Full Stack React App Tutorial (Beginners) | Part #4 – Deployment
  5. Full Stack React App Tutorial (Beginners) | Part #5 – Best Practices (Bonus)



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