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I’ve recently started reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. I haven’t gotten into the meat of the book yet (no pun intended), but it’s certainly resonating with me. The arguments presented have surfaced the perspectives we hold on food in North America and validated how confused I’ve felt when trying to understand and make choices surrounding diet and nutrition.


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I’ve been living with family in Windsor since July 2019, which has been really nice. I miss my independence, my friends, and my minimalist apartment in Ottawa, but it was a season of my life that came to a close, and I can look back on it with fondness. Interestingly, another season is soon coming to a close here in Windsor, so once again, I’m putting a plan together and making some exciting new pivots.


I had a couple of web-related YouTube tutorials in the works that were shelved several months back. I intend on completing those in the next few weeks, as I’ve continued to gain subscribers and get great feedback on my past videos.

Alongside updating some of the content on my website, I want to start honing my front end development skills. More specifically, I want to gain more mastery in design and CSS, including picking up some UX/UI and Adobe tools.


Since August of last year, I’ve been working for a revered local digital company on an exciting new SaaS product for the agricultural space. I took the lead on building an API with Lumen (Laravel) and PHP, and a mobile app with React Native. It has easily been the most interesting and intense project of my career, and I’ve been so lucky to work with such an incredible team of highly-skilled people. I’m really proud of what we’ve built, but I also feel it’s time for me to move on, which I’ll be doing soon.


At the time of writing this update, the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has been underway for almost two months. We’ve all been in a state of lockdown, with most non-essential businesses and public spaces closed by the various levels of government. My fitness has definitely suffered, with my gym being closed and spending so much time at home. I’ve still been doing what I can by going for daily walks and doing body weight exercises here and there. 

I’d like to step things up by getting back into yoga. I’ve also gained a new interest in meditation after learning about Douglas Harding and the notion of being “headless.” Especially given current events, I’d like to research a meditation practice that fits into my life, in addition to other mindfulness practices to better regulate my mental health. I’m trying to see this difficult time as an opportunity to stop making excuses and integrate these practices into my life.

I updated this page on May 12, 2020.